In 1999, at the age of 15, Luca discovered “B-boying” also known as Breakdancing. He modified the moves to create his own unique style that incorporates both extreme upper body strength and the use of crutches – “Lazylegz” was born. In 2007, Lazylegz created ILL-Abilities, an international crew consisting of the world’s best “ill-abled” dancers. Together, they continue to perform all over the world and spread the message “No Excuses, No Limits”. Luca currently focuses much of his energy on RAD Movement (formally known as Project RAD) an inclusive urban dance program he co-founded whose mission is to Redefine Ability through Dance offering exclusive training programs to dance professionals and specialized dance workshops for people all abilities. Luca has been featured on several international media sources including America’s Got Talent (as part of the group Illmatic Styles) The National, Ellen, So You Think You Can Dance Canada, and more!



Adrian Anantawan began the violin at nine, and has since established himself as one of the rising classical violinists of his generation. Adrian has performed extensively in Canada as a soloist with Orchestras from coast to coast. In 2006, he was nominated for a Juno for “A Butterfly in Time” and was featured on CNN in 2013. Adrian is a national spokesperson for the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab Center and played an active role in the Virtual Chamber Music Initiative. He currently uses his master’s degrees from Yale University and Harvard to research the role of adaptive musical instruments.



Jacob Velazquez is an eight year old pianist from Florida who began playing at the age of four. But that’s proved just long enough for the miniature musician to make waves in the child prodigy world. Jacob has caught the attention of media outlets like Good Morning America, The View, and more. He has also performed with the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra & was personally invited by Taylor Swift to meet her on tour after she heard him play. Jacob has just recorded his debut album. He loves being in the recording studio and one day dreams of becoming a music producer.



Lucas Haneman is an award winning artist widely known for his distinctive guitar work. Music promoter Farley Flex, said “A great performer approaches every performance as if it is their last. Lucas absolutely does that. He always leaves a part of himself on that stage.” Along with Jeff Asselin (drums), Martin Newman (bass/backing vocals), and Megan Laurence (backing vocals), the LH Express is living up to that quote. Formed in 2014, their sound combines blues, funk, reggae, and rock with melodic hooks, and undertones of the jazz spirit. Their new album (Fall 2016) shows an even deeper connection to the blues tradition, albeit with a fresh funky trademark that will leave you wanting more.



A collection of art by Heather J. Martelock will
be on display at In The Spotlight with 50% of revenues
being donated to Citizen Advocacy Ottawa
and Families Matter Cooperative.


My life has been filled with great positive and negative events all of which assist me to create subjects from those experiences.  The use of oil paint in a figurative expressive style mixed with a touch of realism, allows me to produce this visual diary of my life. For me being an artist was obvious from my earliest memories. This awareness, this drive, has always been an uneasy reality.  This knowledge is heightened by the fact that I am one of those labeled as “mentally ill”, labeled as “different”, and “unsettling” in my art – this leaves a taste of fear and loneliness – of being less than.  My drawings and paintings and manipulated photographs pay homage to the visions I am granted through my “Otherness”. Visions entering my mind, living and teetering between the real and the imaginary, evolve through my pencil, my brush, my camera, to create a bridge to tackle the innocence of those who aid, console, and label me. Yet the work has it’s own limitations as no matter how inclusive the intention, much is left out through my own inabilities to document the images encountered daily. The symbolic expressions of the “tortured” figures worked into their backgrounds cannot easily be defined. They are not meant to explain as with words, but to reveal a mere glimpse of the struggle within and behind the self-protective facade.
I have lived and traveled throughout Canada’s far Arctic Regions and Manitoba, finally settling in our country’s Capital.  I have studied at the University of Ottawa, earning first a Bachelor of Fine Arts where I honed my artistic skills and developed the insight and understanding of materials to produce strong, tactile, and highly expressive oil paintings and drawings.  Further studies in a Bachelor of Arts (Religious studies), and ultimately a Master of Arts  (Religious Studies) specializing in Inuit and Dene Christian Artifacts and Architecture.  All these studies gave me the ability to incorporate elements from Egyptian, Aboriginal, Christian and Jewish studies.